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Catraca Livre
Pequenas Empresas e Grandes Negócios
Catraca Livre
Pequenas Empresas e Grandes Negócios
Catraca Livre

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The only artificial intelligence that writes with a dual layer of review

Forget robotic texts and create unique, creative, and highly persuasive texts through humanized writing.

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    Points out long and hard-to-understand sentences.

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    Shows words that are surplus in the text.

  • + Strong

    Highlights adverbs, gerunds, and other impact-reducing elements.

  • + Original

    Indicates clichés, clichéd phrases, and redundancies.


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Daniela Souza
Daniela SouzaWriter
Sensational is a sensational tool. Measuring strength, clarity, conciseness, and originality, it delivers a review with the best a text can have.

Nilmara Bernardes
Nilmara BernardesContent Analyst
I Recommend! reviews my texts and provides incredible feedback! The best tool I've ever seen. I researched a lot before subscribing. That's why I recommend it!

Air Felipe
Air FelipeWriter

Excellent platform for text revision! It offers rich suggestions in grammar, spelling, and 80 style tips to make the writing professional.

Helga Bevilacqua
Helga BevilacquaWriter
Simple, Fast, and Easy

Revision is one of the most time-consuming steps in content production. makes my day easier, making the revision stage simpler, faster, and easier.

Rafael Rocha
Rafael RochaEntrepreneur
Clear Ideas helps make my ideas clearer. If my audience doesn't understand what I'm saying, I won't make sales.

Juliana Rodrigues
Juliana RodriguesWriter
It's Awesome!

I already consider my friend! It has been a great tool for my academic and personal texts. I recommend it to everyone I can!

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